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The audience for print is becoming smaller and smaller, and with the younger generation often regarding books as uninteresting or even boring, it’s become a huge hassle for publishers to look for new ways to make reading more immersive. Sales dropping is bad news for anyone who uses words on a page to speak to their audience – but it has opened a lot of new doors for publishers, authors, and fans of creative technology.

With the recent rise of augmented reality (AR) technology and its ability to create a new age digital experience for viewers, many publishers and authors are looking into ways to implement this technology in their writing to once again capture the hearts of readers.

Think of it as the bridge between the real world and virtual reality.

How AR can help you

Increase your sales

by helping you reaching new markets (and engaging current ones)

Make your stories more engaging

by bringing them more context, audio, and visuals

Make you stand out from the crowd

by being up-to-date with the latest trends in book publishing

If you’re a writer or publisher, you’ll often struggle when sharing your story with your audience — especially when your audience is spending more time on their phones and computers than reading book

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Today, augmented reality is truly becoming one of the best ways for you to attract these audiences by enhancing the ways your stories are told, adding a new visual and audio layer to them, and bringing them to life beyond your reader’s imagination.

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The DreamyStars team has tackled over 50 projects in the last 2 years, and while doing that we’ve become one of the most sought-after companies in Augmented Reality programming.

With amazing tech-savvy experts on our side, we can offer you the skills you need to grab the hand of your reader, guide him into a new an immersive world, and take your business to the next level while doing it.

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