The widespread use of digital mobile devices is gradually resulting in the demise of the print media, such as newspapers, books, and flashcards. Colorful books and flashcards no longer appeal to children while they can immerse themselves in colorful cartoons and addicting games, which in turn increases their dependence on mobile devices. Studies are being done on the effects of immoderate use of digital technology. Parents are worried about their children’s mental and physical health while waiting for their own next tweet or like on an Instagram post. This battle with digital technology does not seem to end anytime soon, but some businesses have suffered from this trend to the point of bankruptcy or possible oblivion.

It does not take a genius to understand that the surge of digital media has led to the downfall of non-digital media. One wonders if people still read printed newspapers. Some claim they like how books smell and feel, while a simple ebook app can hold thousands of books in one’s pocket. This battle has been immensely one-sided, and the clear winner needs no announcement. Why else would you read this blog on your mobile device or laptop and not in print? All in all, print media’s future seems bleak and hopeless. Nonetheless, there might be light at the end of this despondent tunnel.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) bridges the gaps between the real and virtual worlds. It transforms simple book pages into interactive 3D animations, flashcards into educational cartoons, images into explanatory videos. It takes the dullness out of the print media, enhancing it with more versatility and information. Digital Technologies no longer rival print media when it comes to AR. What is even more surprising is that print campaigns can utilize AR to get an upper hand over their competition. Print media has been battling digital devices with very little success, yet, with AR, it now can utilize these same devices to strengthen and complement print business campaigns.

Augmented Reality Apps

Mobile devices are no longer precious commodities, and Augmented Reality apps are mostly mobile apps. Print campaigns have one goal, which is to sell as many print copies as possible. AR apps, as a result, are mostly free of charge. It is used as a marketing strategy to attract more customers and to get more sales. Simply opening up the phone camera and hovering over printed pages starts immersive animations and videos. Businesses striving to sell print copies can certainly utilize AR for their marketing and sales campaigns as AR is one of the few technologies where digital mobile devices make print media more appealing and interactive.

Dreamy Flashcards

We decided to showcase our AR development skills by making an app where simply hovering phone’s camera over a certain set of flashcards results in immersive animations, such as a walking deer, dancing Santa, flying parrot, and rotating Planet Earth.This mobile app demonstrates that mundane flashcards intended for educating toddlers or young children can become much more interactive and interesting. As a result, businesses selling flashcards can take their marketing and sales campaigns to a whole different level.

How to use Dreamy Flashcards

First, download our Android App: Dreamy Flashcards.

Second, print these markers:

Open the application and point your mobile device’s camera onto a marker, and immerse yourself in beautiful animations. For instance, pointing the camera at the deer marker brings about this behavior:


Flashcards are just one instance where Augmented Reality could be used. Businesses looking to get ahead of the competition started utilizing AR immensely for their print campaigns. Instead of trying to battle with digital devices, print media can grow and prosper with the same devices that it has been rivaling for years. With Augmented Reality, the future of print media does not look so bleak and menacing anymore.

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