Augmented Reality (AR) is already changing the way real estate agents do business, for good reasons. If your potential client has one of the many AR apps on her smartphone or tablet, she can use her device to access an augmented version of a print ad, or a 3D view of the property or building. It’s a convenient, affordable way to allow buyers to explore a property they’re interested in by viewing it remotely rather than making a trip to the property in person. AR can also allow clients to automatically access contact information from a print ad on their smartphone, or seamlessly navigate to other media such as videos and additional pictures.

Being able to view 3D images of properties is a huge bonus for both clients and real estate agents, since it lets clients narrow down the properties they want to visit in person. More traditional media like pictures and videos don’t have the same ability to give clients the same feel for the physical space as AR does, so AR ends up saving a lot of time up front. Having an AR tour of a space helps the client to know for sure whether or not they really want to view the property, helping both the client and real estate agent avoid wasted time.

Dreamy Stars Real Estate AR Exterior Visualization

AR can also help present a space in the best possible light. In the real world, stylistic choices such as furniture and wall color are only customizable after the fact – so if the client isn’t a fan of the decor that’s been chosen, it may be hard for them to know whether a property is really their style. AR can allow clients to customize the space, giving them a preview of what it might be like after they’ve added their own personal touch. This can go a long way in helping clients see the true potential the property has to offer, rather than being turned off by superficial details in the decor.

Logistics can be a huge issue when clients are buying from overseas, which is often the case with luxury homes. If a real estate agent can offer a client an AR view of a space, it’s much easier for them to be confident enough in their decision to make the trip to see it in person. Additionally, AR can help in cases where a client is buying a new property which hasn’t been finished yet. A showroom only gives the client an example of one room layout, while AR allows them to view multiple types of rooms to decide which one is right for them.

Last but not least, with more and more real estate agents offering AR, it’s important to keep up with the times. Adopting new technology sooner rather than later gives you a leg up on those who have not yet done so. Clients will trust an agent who is able to give them the highest quality customer service, including the technology to make their experiences as smooth as possible.

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